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Dida Beauty Skincare Set

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 How to use: 

1. Use Toner after cleansing. Saturate two cotton pads and sweep over face, neck.

2.Use one dropper serum. Smooth in gently all over face and throat.Using all fingers of both hands, start at the center of your face and move out to ears. Glide hands from sides of face down under chin.

3. Pat a small amount of lotion between fingertips and press gently into cleansed skin.

4. Apply all cream over face and neck.




It is a xylose derivative with anti-aging activity, which can help collagen synthesis, improve or restore skin elasticity, fight neck wrinkles, and prevent aging

✔️Aloe barbadensis extract:

Aloe vera extract can beautify skin in many ways. It can moisturize, diminish inflammation, inhibit bacteria, relieve itching, resist allergy, soften skin, prevent acne, suppress sweat and odor, and has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays to prevent skin burns.
Aloe contains a variety of components to eliminate superoxide free radicals, such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, which can make the skin tender and elastic, and has antiseptic and anti-aging effects.


Through epidermis and epithelial tissue, it can participate in improving skin metabolism, strengthen the activity of collagen in cells, maintain the integrity of water and fiber structure in epidermis, provide nutrition for cells, and achieve the effect of nourishing skin. Peptides can effectively relieve skin dryness and fine lines.



Dida Beauty Skincare Set
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Dida Beauty Skincare Set

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