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Dida Beauty Lazy Magic Makeup Brushes

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🍒Dida Beauty Lazy Magic Makeup Brushes

10 seconds ^ finish makeup without trace
Unique design·Quick makeup
55mm diameter large area fast makeup
Ingenuity quality, no brush marks
Ingenious craftsmanship, about 198.000 thick fluff, light and docile, leaving no brush marks
Precise application of makeup, no powder
Precisely apply makeup around the eyes and nose
Refuse to eat powder

Wash Common Sense
✔️ Do not use puff cleaner or alkaline cleaner to clean the brush;
✔️Do not frequently use shampoo and conditioner containing silicone ingredients to clean the brush:
✔️After cleaning, please hang it upside down to dry as much as possible. Do not soak the joint between the brush rod and the mouth tube. If it gets wet, please dry it as soon as possible to prevent the brush rod and paint from cracking due to water absorption;
✔️After cleaning, please put on the brush net to shape it. Do not expose it to the sun or dry it with a hair dryer to prevent the bristles from deforming and blowing up:
✔️The dark bristles are all dyed. The dyed bristles will lose color after the first few washes. The degree of color loss is related to the water temperature, water hardness and detergent. It is a normal phenomenon and not a quality problem;

Dida Beauty Lazy Magic Makeup Brushes
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Dida Beauty Lazy Magic Makeup Brushes

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