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Didabeauty Facial care

Didabeauty Facial care

Facial care

Facial care is the key to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, here are some facial care methods to pay attention to in daily life:

Thorough makeup removal: Cosmetics need to be cleaned with makeup remover products to avoid residues on the skin and cause allergies. After using a makeup remover, cleanse your face with warm water and a facial cleanser.

Do not squeeze pimples with your hands: There are many bacteria on your hands, and squeezing pimples will allow bacteria to enter the skin. It is recommended to use sterilized needles to squeeze pimples.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing is the first step in skin care. Use essence or cream to moisturize the skin and achieve a state of water-oil balance, but not everyone needs to use essence.

Sun protection: Skin needs protection, use sunscreen to avoid UV damage, especially during the season and time of day when the sun is strong.

Massage: Facial massage helps to promote blood circulation and improve skin elasticity. Use appropriate massage tools and the massage time should be moderate.

Diet and sleep: Eating a sensible diet and getting enough sleep are also important factors in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

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